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OPIHI: Our Project In Hawaii's Intertidal

OPIHI: Our Project in Hawaii’s Intertidal

OPIHI is a suite of scientific and educational programs that use Hawaii’s intertidal and coastal environments to immerse students in the scientific process. This website focuses on our citizen science program aimed at middle- and high-school teachers and students. We invite you to also check out our undergraduate internship program and OPIHI for elementary students.

OPIHI is a citizen science program where teachers and students survey the limu (algae) and invertebrate communities of rocky intertidal areas in Hawai‘i. Students have the opportunity to improve their scientific skills while gathering important data in an area that has not been well-studied in Hawai‘i.

While taking part in OPIHI, students will learn about topics in marine ecology and conservation, species identification, and sampling techniques. Most importantly, participating in OPIHI will build students' confidence and interest in science. We hope this place-based learning connects students to their local environments and natural resources and encourages stewardship of Hawaii’s natural resources.

On this website you will find information on OPIHI protocols and survey sites, OPIHI ecological data, and educational materials designed to assist teachers and students in exploring the intertidal and becoming part of this exciting monitoring project.

Are you a teacher interested in bringing your students to the intertidal? To contribute your data to the OPIHI database, you will need to create an account. Click here to create your account, or log in if you already have one.

Identification Guide

Have you ever collected shells or algae at the beach and wondered what they were called? Explore some of the organisms that live in the intertidal with the help of this guide; you can buy a waterproof version here!

View OPIHI Data

OPIHI citizen science data is publicly available! OPIHI data can be used to look at how organisms in the intertidal are distributed across Hawai‘i and track changes in this environment over time.

Exploring Our Fluid Earth

Visit Exploring Our Fluid Earth, a curriculum that builds conceptual understanding in physics, chemistry, and biology in the context of the aquatic environment. It is aligned to grades 6–12 Next Generation Science Standards and to the Ocean Literacy Principles.

The ‘opihi is a large limpet found only in the rocky intertidal in Hawai‘i. The cultural importance and threatened status of the ‘opihi are representative of why we are interested in the intertidal.